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Comtrend Ar 5381u Firmware

This section of the FAQ explains flashing any firmware. To upgrade to new firmware, you need to flash your board with the new firmware image. This section explains how to get to the level where you can do that. Note: These instructions assume you have an Arduino with bootloader support. If you do not have an Arduino with bootloader support, see the [flashing Arduino boards](/wiki/Arduino) article to learn how to flash an Arduino. You'll need an Arduino IDE You'll need an Arduino Arduino w/ bootloader support The specific Arduino you have A USB cable Recommended USB cable SD card with enough space SD card adapter Optional: USB-to-serial adapter (optional) [Firmware] is a ZIP file. You can download [Firmware] at: How to get to the point where you can [flash firmware][firmware] Boot the Arduino. From the Arduino menu, select File -> Examples -> Getting Started -> Blink. Enter the serial monitor's name (e.g. Serial1) in the serial monitor's name box. Using the serial monitor, change the loop() function to be as below. First, change the SD-Card's name to "firmware.bin" Then, change the RX and TX pins to 6 and 5. Next, change the setTarget() and read() functions to be as below. Change the port to where the SD-card is located, and change the file path to where the firmware.bin file is located. These changes are made to the Serial.begin() and Serial.println() functions. Get to the state where you can compile the Firmware into your Arduino Now you can start using Firmware, by entering the serial monitor's name in the serial monitor's name box. In the serial monitor, change the loop() function as below. The Serial.begin() function is important, because it's where you'll be able to compile the firmware. Compile the firmware into the Arduino Make sure you download the [latest compiled version][compile] of Firmware, so you're sure it compiles. In the Arduino IDE, open the

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